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Ways to Check If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly You might be think that your SEO efforts are working out find and that there is nothing to worry about your search engine rankings. Well, a lot of people do. But one thing that must be noted down is the fact that search engines do change in the course of time. They change, improve and update time after time. And, these changes can have a negative effect on your website’s performance if you do not go with them. Major search engines today are not into checking if your website is mobile friendly. And of course, they make it as one of their basis in ranking your site with search engine results pages. In your end, do you care about your website’s mobile friendliness? Maybe it would be a lot better to check the disadvantages of not having a mobile friendly website. Primarily, non-mobile friendly websites do not top-rank search engine results pages. Number two, they drive less traffic. And in line with that, they get fewer leads. And the worst effect would be not accomplishing the sales targeted. And because almost is everyone is using smart phones, not being mobile friendly can lead your website to miss out on providing the best possible experience to your customers.
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So how to you start optimizing your site for mobile gadgets? Here’s how.
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First and Fast Method This is a must-try. Go to your website through your browser. When it is done, the step that follows is to bring and drag your browser window to the left side. You have to do this until such time that you can no longer shrink your browser. If the after doing this your website does not look right and the contents are jumbled, then that means your website may not be mobile friendly. You need have to provide your website attention and have this problem fixed right away. The Minute Method The first method is an effective one but you may have to do some more tests in order to really measure how mobile friendly is your website. The second method is quick but not as quick as the first method, which takes up to just 3 seconds. There are search engines that offer a free use of a mobile friendly test website. You need to know what that website is, open it, and conduct your tests right there. They will analyze your website after you have pasted your URL in the space provided. At the end of the process, the website will tell if your website performs well with the mobile friendly test or not.