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Tabata: A Breakthrough in Fitness Goals

Tabata is considered as one of the preferred forms of cardio workout by both athletes and fitness trainers. This workout is classified as highly advanced. It is advanced in the sense that it challenges the individual’s endurance, burn more calories and take fitness to a whole new level. Millions of health conscious people are now using this method of exercising for its simplicity and its capacity to burn more fats in lesser time.

The concept of tabata came from the study that was conducted by Dr. Izumi Tabata. Dr. Tabata worked as a partner at the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Japan. Intensity intermittent training is his specialty. His efforts have captured the interests of the world.

There are several forms of exercises coupled with short breaks that are combined together to create a tabata workout. The sets of trainings are taken from different practices and may cover aerobics to lifting exercises. There are also different tabata songs that are used by instructors to make the exercise more lively. A common tabata workout set includes bicycle sprints, hindu squats, jumping lunges and box jumps. Other forms of exercises are used within the 4 minute workout. To make the workout session more intense, some trainers even extend the program to more than 4 minutes.
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There are several other benefits that participants can get from tabata other than improving sweating a lot and improving metabolic processes. The workout can also enhance the ratio of lean muscle mass as a result of muscle tissue retention. The intensity of the workout also results to higher oxygen uptake, which improves other bodily functions. The studies of Dr. Tabata have shown that individuals may experience up to 28% of increased oxygen intake. Fat loss is also maximized with participants losing pounds of excess fat in just weeks. Coupled with the right diet and plenty of rest, tabata practitioners have attested that they lost extra pounds faster than doing regular exercises.
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With tabata, people who keeps on saying they are busy no longer have an excuse not to exercise. Usually, a full set of tabata cardio workout will not go over 40 minutes, which means, participants have more time to complete other tasks. Tabata covers more areas of exercising within a shorter span of time.

Those who wants to try this intense form of exercising should be cautioned that other than the benefits they are getting, there are other effects of tabata. During the first few sessions, participants may experience a few things, including soreness and muscle pain. Effective exercising means that the body will respond with these pains as indications. Take the challenge and join a tabata workout to push your endurance.